About Harris County ESD 13 Cypress Creek Fire Department

Mission Statement

CCFD is committed to serving our community with P.R.I.D.E.

Professionalism - is an attitude. In providing professional service we are committed to proficiency, reliability, and excellence in all aspects of our conduct and performance. We fulfill our mission by being accountable to our community, our department, and to one another. We embrace the ethical standards of our profession by exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, and businesslike manner, in all our actions.

Respect - from and for each other. Respect for the job. Respect for the rank. Respect for those we serve. Respect cannot be demanded; it must be earned. We strive to gain and maintain the confidence of those we meet both professionally, and personally. We value life and safety. We are committed to serve and treat all human beings with the utmost sensitivity, compassion, and concern. We value the diversity of people in our community and serve all with equal dedication, respect, and fairness.

Integrity - is a cornerstone of our profession. We value ethical conduct, public trust, and commit ourselves to personal and professional excellence. We are people of character and principle. We do what is right, even when no one is looking. We are uncompromising in our commitment to truth, honesty, and respect in all relationships, we hold ourselves accountable for our actions and inactions, and are open and honest in our dealings with each other. We have the courage to do what is right and to stand against what is wrong.

Discipline - is putting the needs of the public we serve ahead of our own. We must have the ability to execute our plan of action regardless of the obstacles, discomfort, or difficulties that we may have to overcome. Discipline sets the tone and dictates the efficiency by which we excel in the performance of our duties.

Everyone Goes Home - firefighters must have the courage to face a multitude of risks in order to save lives and protect their communities. Their courage allows them to willingly take risks so that others can be saved. A different type of courage is required to stay safe in potentially dangerous situations, avoiding needless risks and tragic consequences.

Vision Statement

Cypress Creek Fire Department and Harris County Emergency Service District 13 is committed to be a premier combination fire service provider. Continuously striving for excellence, we will serve as a role model for other organizations by strategically leveraging our resources to exceed customer expectations in order to provide a high level of service to our community family.


Harris County Emergency Service District 13 and Cypress Creek Fire Department have been jointly operational since November 1984 and officially merged in January 2019.

Harris County Emergency Services District 13 is a political subdivision of the State of Texas authorized by Article If, Section 48-3, of the Texas Constitution and governed by Chapter 775 of the Health and Safety Code to provide fire prevention and fire-fighting services. HCESD 13 is funded by property taxes based on appraisals by Harris County Appraisal District and collected by the Harris Tax Assessor Collector.

Cypress Creek Fire Department is a Public Protection Classification {PPC) ISO-rated Class 3 department that staffs trained, career and volunteer professionals. Cypress Creek Fire Department services approximately 80,000 residents within 33 square miles of unincorporated Harris County about 20 miles northwest of downtown Houston, Texas.

Monthly meetings are held the 4th Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the administrative office located in Cypress Creek FD Station 22, 11900 Cypress N. Houston Rd., Cypress, Texas 77429. Meeting dates may vary to accommodate holidays and special meetings may be scheduled as needed. Agendas for the items to be addressed at each meeting are posted on this website.


  • VFD created
January 21, 1984
  • Voters approved the creation of Harris Rural Fire Prevention District #13.
  • At a rate of three cents per one hundred dollars ($.03/$100) valuation.
  • District Commissioners were appointed to serve by Harris County Commissioners Court.
November 27, 1984
  • The District entered into an agreement with Cypress Creek Volunteer Fire Department to provide fire protection and prevention services within the common service areas in exchange for revenue provided by the District.
August 2001
  • Voters approve a tax rate increase from $.03/$100 to $.05/$100. Increased revenue was needed to fund the expansion plans of the Department due to the extensive real estate development within the boundaries of the District.
October 2003
  • October 21, 2003, Harris County Commissioners Court approved the new designation, based on the Texas Legislature passed in September, 2003, changing Harris County Rural Fire Prevention District No. 13 to Harris County Emergency Services District No. 13.
  • Two members of the Board of Fire Commissioners were elected in 2008 and three members in 2009 after their appointed terms expired.
May 14, 2011
  • Voters approved a proposition allowing the maximum tax rate of the District to increase from $.05/$100 to $.10/$100. In September 2011, the District adopted a tax rate of $.09/$100 for that year.
April 2016
  • District hires first career full-time firefighters.
  • Including: 3 District Chiefs, 6 Captains and 6 Engineer Operators.
January 2017
  • District hires more career full-time firefighters.
  • Including: 3 Captains and 3 Engineer Operators.
May 2017
  • A sales tax election was held to obtain 1% of available sales tax revenue in the territory. The election was unsuccessful.
August 2017
  • The District adopted a maximum tax rate of $0.10/$100 for that year.
  • District hires 9 career full-time firefighters.
  • May - A second sales tax election was held to obtain 1% of available sales tax revenue in the territory. This election was successful.
  • Purchase land for future Station 25.
  • Construction process for Station 25 began.
January 2022
  • Station 25 construction complete.


Cypress Creek Fire Department is currently comprised of approximately 150 active personnel:

Full-Time Career Personnel: 46

  • Fire Chief
  • Assistant Chief
  • (3) District Chiefs
  • (2) Division Chiefs
  • (12) Captains
  • (12) Driver Operators
  • (12) Fire Fighters
  • (3) Office Administrative Personnel

Hourly Personnel: 64

Volunteer Personnel: 30

Apparatus Directory

Station 21
  • Engine 21
  • Heavy Utility Evacuation Unit 21
  • Evacuation Boat 21
Station 22
  • Booster 22
  • Engine 22
  • Heavy Utility Evacuation Unit 22
  • Evacuation Boat 22
  • Tanker 22
  • Booster 20
  • Utility 20 (F350)
  • District Chief 20 (Tahoe)
Station 23
  • Booster 23
  • Engine 23
  • Heavy Utility Evacuation Unit 23
  • Evacuation Boat 23
  • Tower 23
  • Rehab 23
Station 24
  • Engine 24
  • Reserve Engine 26
  • Heavy Utility Evacuation Unit 24
  • Rescue Boat 20
  • Heavy Rescue 24
Station 25
  • Engine 25
  • Booster 21